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Death to Smoochy

When Rainbow Randolph, a corrupt kids tv show host, gets busted by the FBI for taking bribes, Kidnet is out to look for a new host who is squeeky clean and who can be the new face of the TV network. The person they find is Sheldon Mopes, a pretty pathetic guy who believes in ideals and who impersonated Smoochy the Rhino who stands for healthy food and everything that’s good for kids. In the beginning everything seems to work out fine but “Smoochy” soon doesn’t want to co-operate with the money business and thus doesn’t help in launching new toys and such based on his TV show. To make things worse, the Parade of Hope – a mafia organisation that gets money from organising benefits for children – wants to have Smoochy work for them which would bring in extra money. If Smoochy doesn’t help, they’ll just have to kill him.

Sound and Vision:
The image is bright and shiny and the color palette has some subtle changes depending on the atmosphere but the dvd doesn’t have any problems with that. Contrast, brightness and level of detail are all ok and the fact that edge enhancement and compression errors are absent is a good point for Warner.

The soundtrack isn’t going to blow you away but it doesn’t need to. Smoochy is a movie which has subtle effects and the music only ads to the atmosphere while dialogues are nicely centered. Nothing special but thoroughly done well.

Danny DeVito has gotten his own audio commentary track as director together with Tass Michos who is the cinematographer. Other extras include a multiple camera view of the Ice Show, deleted scenes and bloopers, a photo gallery, a behind the scenes documentary which includes some interview fragments (not really interesting) and of course the trailer. Also there’s an easter egg on the disk (second menu, go right until the lines of the rhino get colored) where you can see a Norton and Williams having a blast.

Death to Smootchie looks like a kids movie but it’s got some nasty angles which make it interesting for adults as kids won’t understand everything that’s happening (although they’ll probably just completely love it). Good DVD which brings a smile to your face.

Our Score:

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