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A futuristic sports game, involving two teams of four players trying to score a disc in the other team’s goal. That’s “Deathrow” in one sentence.

This game is basically a mixture of kickboxing and basketball with very few rules.
In single player mode you need to defeat the other teams to gain money so you can buy teams, players and arenas. Best way of doing this is outscoring your opponent, however knocking them all out does the trick aswell. Each player has a health bar, the more punches and kicks he gets the more it’ll cost you to get him better between rounds. You gain money by picking up powerups, pleasing the crowd, scoring, etc.

So in a way you can play this game the economical way and beat the hell out of the other team, prevent them from making money so they can’t heal their players and kick and punch them some more in the next round to get them KO so they are out of the game. Well… it’s more beat ‘em up than economical but it makes them go bankrupt if all goes well.

Outscoring them is of course more satisfying. You can choose between two views to play this game, sports view and action view. I’d advice you to take the action view, it gives better overview, brings more action and is nicer to look at.

Unlike other sports, scoring a goal does not give the disc to the opposite team, if you play it right you get the rebound and make some more points while your team mates are hammering the goalkeeper and everyone that tries to get in your way. This bothered me however so I turned it off in the options which gives you more things to modify. Without rules you can keep on kicking a player while he is already down making him lose more health. Disabling this option gives the kicking player a “lock-down” for a few seconds, keeping him in one position and making him virtually useless, which serves him right, no need to kick a man that is already down. Where is the love people?!

Although it all sounds very promising and entertaining, it is not. I really did not like this game, it’s repetitive, it lacks nice fighting moves to make the fighting interesting (pushing two buttons simultaneously to get a grabbing-move in slow motion is not enough) and had nothing that kept me going.

A lot of people seem to disagree with me on this one, the net is full with praising words about this game. I played some games against a friend of mine who considered it a punishment to play this game (he hated it more than I do) but wanted to help me out testing the multiplayer part (which is just as boring I am afraid). Another friend just loved playing it… for a little while then he got bored with it as well.

So either you hate it or love it, there is no middle road. I really don’t understand what people like in this game, but I guess it’s a matter of taste. I think the most important thing to remember here is “Try before you buy!”

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