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Deaths of Ian Stone, The

Ian Stone is a normal guy who loves to play hockey. One night, after a game his team lost, he finds a body at the side of the road. When he gets out of his car to examine, he suddenly gets attacked and by accident ends up on a railroad track. Splatsh!

Suddenly Ian wakes up in an office, barely remembering what happened and wondering where he is. When again strange things start to happen, it quickly becomes clear to him that he keeps getting killed and comes back to life in a totally different environment. He decides to find out what’s happening to him before he remains dead and when an old man approaches him and tells him that he needs “to remember” it becomes apparent that there are creatures on this planet that seem to be playing a deadly game with him.

Sound and Vision:
Nothing bad to be said about the image quality. Despite the movie being a budget release, overall things look pretty good with sharp image and only a handful compression errors.

The sound does a nice job with good use of surrounds and subwoofer and the DTS track can uplift this movie a bit.


The Deaths of Ian Stone combines several genres. The deaths and coming back to life can be seen a bit like the time travel from “The Butterfly Effect” while the second part of the movie with the supernatural creatures resembles a bit the atmosphere of Underworld. However, the combination of these elements never manages to really keep you interested due to the simplicity of the script and the very average acting.

B-movie all the way and as such we would certainly recommend renting this one before deciding to buy (and only that if you’re into the genre)

Our Score:

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