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World War 1, somewhere on the Western Front. Y company has to charge on the German troops but it in the heat of fire the men suddenly spot nerve gas and start wandering around the battlefield. When the gas has disappeared and all that’s left is fog, they suddenly find German trenches. Within minutes they’ve secured them. One German is still alive so they put him in captivity. When later that night one of the company gets killed, the rest believe there must still be Germans wandering around so they start interrogating the one they’ve captured but instead of telling them where the rest of his buddies are, he says they must all leave as there’s something “evil” wandering around that will kill them all. Before long, strange things start happening and it becomes clear the German didn’t lie…

Sound and Vision:
Especially in the beginning of the movie you get to see some compression errors and quite some grain in the scenes with the fog. Later on things get a bit better but this shouldn’t happen with a disc that doesn’t contain any extra’s. Also the level of detail during dark scenes could have been a lot better.

Where the image quality kinda lets us down a bit, the soundtrack more than makes up for it. During the battle scenes you’ll really feel like you’re in the middle of all the action and therefore we must say that the DTS track really shines. All channels including subwoofer are used very well and the dialogues are still very clear and understandable. Good stuff.


Deatwatch is a combination between horror, thriller and a war movie. The setting is perfect with the cruelty of the trench war of WW1 and throughout the entire film you’ll notice a decent amount of tension between the different characters of Y company and although it’s a bit predictable and certain special effects are clearly stolen from other movies like Tremors, it didn’t bother me at all. Too bad the image quality disappointed but the soundtrack makes up a whole lot for that. If only some decent extras would have been included. If you’re looking for a DVD that can get you at the tip of your feet while also showing some of the insanity of war, then Deatwatch is the movie to see

Our Score:

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