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Luke (Corey Sevier) and his friend Roger (Elias Toufexis) are freshmen at the St. John’s University in Canada. When Luke meets two gorgious girls called Lilly and Constance, his hormones raise to extremely explosive levels. When Lilly forgets a roll of money in the basement, Luke finds it the perfect opportunity to seek further contact and decides to bring it to their room. However, the girls aren’t in but nevertheless he enters and starts looking around. Until the girls return that is. As he doesn’t want to get caught, he flees in the closet where he can see them. However, he never expected to see the spectacle that is shown before his eyes. Constance takes a strange can with N2 and starts spraying it at Lilly who suddenly gets all kinds of tentacles coming out of her chest.

When the girls leave little later, Luke sprints back to his room where he tells Roger about what has just happened. Roger doesn’t believe him as he’s fallen in love with Constance and thinks Luke is jealous of him. After a while, Luke starts to believe he must have imagined the whole thing, but when at a frat party, Lilly leaves with the captain of the hockey team, Bobby, and he is found frozen stiff the next day, Luke is convinced an alien invasion is at hand…

Sound and Vision:
The image suffers from compression errors which are mostly present in the background but from time to time even come forward. The colors are a bit on the dark side but there’s enough detail present.

The soundtrack is perfect for a movie like this. Lots of use of the surround channels and subwoofer which at times gives a modern groovy track and at other times gives a creepy atmosphere.

Before the movie starts we get to see a couple of trailers but then the film immediately starts. We don’t even get a menu !

Despite Decoys having a decent concept for a teenage horror/thriller comedy, the storyline misses quite some depth, certain reactions from the characters come completely out of the blue and make you wonder whether you’ve missed something, and some of the cast should definitely follow some course in acting. All this together make Decoys feel like rushed and unfinished. Too bad, something more could have definitely been made from this. The same idea can be said about the whole DVD. RCV didn’t even go through the trouble of adding a menu!

Our Score:

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