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Deep Blue Sea

Aquatica is an undersea laboraty where tests are being done on sharks to find a cure against Alzheimer’s disease. When Russell Franklin (Jackson), the man who’s invested in the project, comes to visit the laboratory he finds out that his main doctor, Susan McAlester, has not only been looking for a cure for Alzheimer but also has done tests to enlarge shark’s brains so that they might be able to harvest cells that could fight cancer. The only problem is that with the enlarged brain, the sharks have become extremely intelligent and they don’t like being enprisoned. They quickly start looking for a way to get out and the humans will have to fight for their lives.

Sound and Vision:
Apart from some grain, the image quality is very good with nice contrast, bright colors and good detail. Also compression errors or edge enhancement are not present so that’s an extra plus.

Same goes for the soundtrack which nicely uses all surround channels aswell as the subwoofer while dialogues are nicely coming from the center speaker.

“When sharks attack” is a 15-minute Making Of where we get a peek behind the scenes and interview fragments with main cast & crew. “The Sharks of Deep Blue Sea” is the second feature on this disc and gives some insight on how the sharks were made to be as live and real as possible. Next up are a bunch of deleted scenes which you can check out with commentary from the director if you want and last but not least is the audio commentary track with Samuel L. Jackson and director Renny Harling. Jackson’s comments are worth shit btw.

Deep Blue Sea is a traditional action movie in the genre of Jaws. Don’t start looking for flaws in the plot or special effects because you’ll only get irritated like me. Just think of this as a no-brainer movie where you look at on a Friday night after a long hard week at work. Then you might enjoy it.

Our Score:

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