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Deep Rising

John Finnigan (Williams) is the captain of the Saipan, a charter boat who brings people to wherever they want if they pay enough money. On this mission, he has to bring a couple of bad-looking guys to an unknown point in the ocean. Once they arrive, they find a huge luxury cruiseship but once on the ship they notice that it’s completely deserted. The men go looking for the vault where apparantly some very expensive jewels should be hidden but once they arrive they find a couple of survivors: Trillian St. James (Janssen) who is also a jewel thief, Simon Canton who is the owner of the ship, and captain Atherton. The two last talk rubbish and seem to be afraid of something and it won’t take long before the rest of the people will know why the ship is deserted. They’re not alone…

Sound and Vision:
We have absolutely no comment on the image quality. Everything is perfect with absence of compression errors, edge enhancement, grain or any other thing that could spoil your viewing pleasure.

Same goes for the soundtrack which makes optimal use of the subwoofer and all surround channels. Only minor downpoint is the fact that the center speaker sometimes gets overwhelmed by the rest of the channels and sounds a bit silent in comparison

We start off with a couple of short interviews with main cast & crew after which we can check out some behind the scenes footage in some sort of B-Roll. Furthermore we get a bunch of trailers, tv spots and other promotional material.

Deep Rising is a nice horror flic that keeps you watching although the storyline isn’t the summum of believeability. Technically the dvd is very good and only the extras are a bit less. Definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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