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Def Jam: Fight for New York

I’m actually not a big fan of those riming, furr coat wearing rappers. They like to brag about their fortune, their “bling bling” shines more than a rubbed floor and their rims are bigger than my head. Despite my aversion, I still enjoyed playing Def Jam Vendetta. Can the successor turn me into a real “pimp dizzle” or will it leave me in my miserable “gamer dizzle” way of life? Readizzle my reviewshizzle!

A lot happened since last year’s Def Jam. D-Mob has been arrested by the police, leaving the underground fighting scene behind without a true leader. While he’s being transported to the office a miracle occurs; one way or another you manage to get D-Mob out of his cuffs. Because you’re a new kid on the block, you won’t be welcomed with open arms. Mister “black Marlon Brando” (D-Mob) however believes in your talent and makes you the newest member of his gang. You’ll have to take over the clubs in New York under his power. You won’t be alone of course; where Manny was on your side during Vendetta, it’s now Method Man who’ll be holding your hand when things get a little out of hand. Together with your hip hop friends you’ll have to take on the gang of Crow, played by the Snoopy “D-O-double-Gizzy”.

Def Jam Vendetta was a more than welcome twist in the wrestling genre. The muscle men in strings were substituted by tough rappers in street wear and the awesome wrestling gameplay, created by AKI, had been tweaked by adding an EA Big flavor. In Fight For New York there aren’t a lot of changes in gameplay; you’ll still be able to perform grapples, kicks and punches and a full momentum meter will result in a blasting move with a devastating parade of aggression. The adjustments are found in the sheer amount of moves. Your character can now learn more fighting styles ranging from: martial arts to kickboxing and from street fighting to submission. This last one needs a little explanation. When chosen for submission your fighter will be able to damage separate parts of the opponents body; try beating up his knee during a grapple and he’ll soon be begging for forgiveness.

After each match you’ll be rewarded with a couple of points which can either be used to upgrade your character (e.g.: better stamina, strength, speed,…) or to learn new moves and fighting styles. Another cool feature is the addition of weapons. The audience will throw in some nice items during a fight like: beer bottles, baseball bats and iron sticks. Aside from their open-handedness, they’ll also join in the action now and then, holding your opponent so you can beat him up properly. They can however turn against you, making you the victim of their aggressiveness. The venues this time around are also a lot more interactive. You’ll be able to jam your opponents against jukeboxes, snooker tables and other breakable and damaging stuff.

To keep the variety on a high level, there are a lot of different sorts of matches to battle in, like:•One on one:

a one-on-one fight•Team match:

a two-on-two fight•Free for all:

a fight with three or four players, without teams•Cage match:

battle in a cage•Window match:

throw your opponent out the window•Subway match:

leave him in front of the passing metro•Demolition match:

wreck his precious car•Inferno match:

burn his rapping *ss by throwing him in the ring of flames
•Ring out match:

beat him out of the ring

All of these matches are featured in the story mode. Before you start, you’ll need to build your own character. With the help of police drawings you’ll be able to define your fighter’s looks and you can buy jewelry, cloths, haircuts and tattoos in the different shops with the well earned money you get after winning a match. It took me quite a while to chose from the enormous offer or maybe I am just too vain for this kind of stuff? Perhaps I am, but it’s a fact: the offer is huge, just the way we like it. The only minus is the replay value, which is rather large in most EA games, but not in Fight For New York. Once you get the credits rolling on your screen, you’ll have seen enough; the need to go and unlock everything was reduced to a minimum in my case.

This is another EA title, and what can we derive from that? The fact that we’re dealing with a decent but above all total game. Everything is ship-shape. The usual famous names will pop up of course, like: Henry Rollins, Warren G, Ludacris, Method Man, Sean Paul and even “old skoola” Flava “never heard of a watch so I’m wearing a big clock as a chain” Flav. What would a Def Jam game be without some round shaped types like: Carmen “I’m married to a gay rock guitarist” Electra, Lil’ “not referring to my tits” Kim and last but certainly not least Fat “I’ve got the biggest of them all” Joe. The graphics have been tweaked a bit too with new lighting effects, even better animations and more beautiful locations.

Def Jam: Fight for New York looks like it doesn’t offer too much new stuff. It did however manage to keep me hooked from the beginning till the end. The addition of a create-a-player option and the better story line do have a share in it. I still don’t see myself walking around in Sean John jeans, a pair of Phat Farm shoes and a big diamond chain around my neck, but as long as Def Jam: Fight for New York is in my Xbox tray, I will make good use of it to escape from reality and be a true “playa” for once. Peace-out, beeyatch!

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