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Def Jam Vendetta

When a company like EA releases a game, they usually acquire the license of something expensive so that they can use it in the game. (e.g. all the car brands in Need For Speed). This usually makes the game more appealing for consumers.

Keeping up this tradition, for DEF JAM VENDETTA they licensed lots of hiphop stars. From DMX to Method Man to Redman, they’re all here.. to beat each other up.

So you’re a pricefighter, and you have to fight your way to the top by duking it out rough-street style in a ring (at various locations).

Enough about the pishposh, on to the game!

A gamer described the game as “mindless violence, fun violence”. Indeed, the first thing that strikes you about this fighting game is the major violence that is omnipresent (it IS a fighting game). The moves have been done superbly, are arcade style and make you thirsty for more.

Controlling a character is very intuitive (when it comes to basic moves) but that’s something we’d expect from a giant like EA. The interaction between the character and the arena is also very nice. It’s very easy to use the ropes of the arena to gather some speed before slamming your opponent down.

You can also collect “momentum” to fill your momentum-meter. When this occurs you can activate blazing mode which renders you more powerfull and allows you to do a finishing move. Clever readers have recognized the “gamebreaker” system that is hidden behind the momentum-meter. This is a nice implementation of that.

What’s quite stupid is the lack of an option that allows you to play the soundtrack IN the game. You see, this game is packed with great hiphop beats from various artists but you can only listen to them in the menu (which seems to be the case with most EA games).

The rest of the sounds are okay, nothing spectacular or anything. I did get the feeling that the introduction movie was made in a hurry, but that doesn’t really matter I suppose, because you’ll play this game to bash in the skull of your friends and not to watch the intro movie.

Speaking of friends: the multiplayer allows you to fight with up to 4 players simultaniously in difefrent modes: free for all, 2 on 2, 2 on 1, 3 on 1 etc. Without doubt this is the most entertaining mode to play the game in.

If you’re a violence lover, this game might be just the thing for you, if you keep one thing in mind: Looking great on the surface most EA games have the tendency to be actually quite shallow. don’t expect anything out of the ordinary, but just mainstream quality from EA.

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