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Demolition Man

Stallone versus Snipes. You can imagine that Demolition Man isn’t targeted at someone who wants to watch a movie to think about the meaning of life, can’t you ?

The year is 2032 and the world has become perfect. Everyone is nice and polite and the police have to act against swearing as one of the worst offences that can happen. Doesn’t it sound nice? When Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) escapes from his cryo-prison, the police are not capable of acting against this brutal criminal. Hey, he doesn’t turn himself over when asked gently! Feeling incapable of dealing with the problem, the authorities bring back John Spartan (Stallone), an oldfashioned policeman who was put in a cryocell aswell after his last encounter with Phoenix.

Sound and Vision:
While the sound uses a lot of the surround channels and is very nice, the image quality could have been a lot better. Pixellation is a problem and the low contract makes details in shadows disappear.

Huh ? Extra’s ?

Demolition Man is a relaxing action movie with the necessary comic itches as a result of Stallone walking around as a brute in a world where swearing is considered as a criminal offence. No-brainer that keeps you occupied for 110 minutes without boring you to death.

Our Score:

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