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Departed Special Edition, The

Colin Sullivan is the rising star at the MassachusettsState Police. Ever since he’s left the academy, his career has been going up like a rocket and his reputation is impeccable. His boss even likes him so much that he makes him the head of a special squad that has to take on the mob group surrounding Frank Costello. What nobody realises, however, is that Colin is on Costello’s payroll and sends him all the info he can to make sure he doesn’t get caught. Meanwhile, Billy Costigan, who was raised in the streets ruled by Costello is sent under cover to infiltrate Costello’s organisation.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a couple of compression errors but overall not bad enough to really complain about it. Overall there’s a good amount of detail, nice contrast and sharp image.

The 5.1 track does its job nicely although the movie is mostly dialogue-centered so don’t expect too much special effects. The surround speakers are mostly used for some music and adding a bit of dynamic atmosphere while the subwoofer supports the whole.

– Trailers
– Stranger than Fiction: featurette about the Irish mob in Boston and the person that was the inspiration for Nicholson’s character
– Crossing Criminal Cultures: Peter Travers talks about how mob-related issues are the red line in Scorsese’s work
– Deleted scenes with introduction by Scorsese

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure to check out a truly good movie and of course it’s Martin Scorsese who delivers one. Based on the Japanese original, Internal Affairs, Scorsese brings this movie to the US and places it in the Boston area with a compelling storyline and a fantastic cast which results in a terrific viewing experience. Ok, The Departed doesn’t manage to do better than f.i. Goodfellas (one of my all-time favorites), but it’s by far one of the best gangster movies of late.

Warner brings this movie with decent (although not perfect) image and sound quality but although the extras are nice, some more info about the movie and the link to the original would have been nice. Especially for a 2-disc special edition.

Our Score:

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