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Desperate Hours, The

The dangerous Griffin Brothers and a man called Kobish has fled from prison. To escape from the police, they hide in the house of the Hilliard family and take them hostage. Things don’t look too good for the Hilliards as the cops are onto the gangsters and the Hilliards realise that they will never get released for nothing and that the gangsters will take at least one of the hostages along to cover their escape.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is has been put on the dvd in its original black and white 1.85:1 widescreen format and the overall quality is surprisingly good. There are hardly any speckles and compression errors are down to a minimum. Still, the image isn’t completely stable and there’s some minor grain present. Fortunately the amount of detail is good and the image is pretty sharp The level of black is reasonable but has a tad of grey in it.

The original format was mono but Warner remixed it into a Dolby Digital 2.0 track but instead of splitting up the channels, everything is coming through the center speaker while the sound does tend to leak to the left and right front speaker and this makes listening a bit irritating from time to time. While the image quality has remained reasonably good for such an old movie, the soundtrack definitely tells the age of the film. The track sound a bit like tin and misses a broad spreading. Don’t take the effort to turn on your dolby surround as you won’t have any profit from it.


The Desperate Hours is one of the last movies with Humphrey Bogart and it shows why this actor is called one of the best of his generation. Not everyone likes black&white movies these days anymore but if you don’t mind that, you might enjoy this movie. Warner has released a technically decent dvd which unfortunately has a soundtrack that is extremely dated. For the lovers.

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