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Desperate Housewives Season 3

Season 2 stopped with Susan’s boyfriend Mike getting in a car crash and that’s where this season starts. He survived but is in a coma. That doesn’t bother Susan, however, as while keeping watch next to his bed, she meets Ian, quite a handsome fellow. Bree in the meantime is getting it on with her fiancé Orson, who apparently has quite a dark past. Meanwhile Gabrielle and Carlos seem to have endless marital problems while Lynette has to look at how to cope with the daughter of her husband Tom.

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor grain, edge enhancement and compression errors but nothing that really bothers too much. The series is shot in HD so overall the quality is quite good.

The 5.1 track focuses mostly on the front channels for the dialogues but the rear does get some action from environmental sounds as well as some light music.

– On the set with Eva: behind the scenes with Eva Longoria along with some crap about just how great she is
– There comes the bride: feature where the makers talk about all the wedding scenes that were made. The cast also talk about how they experienced these.
– Amas De Casa Desesperadas: A comparison by Marc Cherry between the original series and the Spanish version
– Desperate Moments: cast & crew look back at some moments of the third season and talk about which are their favorites.
– Favorite scenes of designer Marc Cherry: quite straight forward I would think?
– Deleted Scenes
– Bloopers

This third season nicely continues the lines laid out in the second and although the second wasn’t all that great, number three is better. Mind you, this one still doesn’t manage to rise to the quality of the very first season, but it’s entertaining and fun. And what more do you want from a series like Desperate Housewives?

The image and sound are decent and there’s a ton of extras present and although several features are quite promotional (not even talking about the standard Hollywood “he/she’s so great”-talk) they’ll please the fans of the series.

Our Score:

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