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Desperation, Stephen King's

Desperation is a little town in Nevada where recently a mining operation has started again. Ever since that, the population has decreased as the local sheriff has decided that that they’re not worthy of living. A couple of people that pass nearby Desperation also get a meeting with the sheriff and this results in them being locked up in jail. It’s clear that they’ll have to fight for their lives if they want to survive…

Sound and Vision:
Stephen King’s Desperation was created for TV in 2006 but the image quality would make you think it’s rather a tv movie from the late 80s. Tons of grain and compression errors are what await and the colors are also a bit on the pale side. Really not something you would expect from a recent release but it may have something to do with the fact that the original aspect ratio was 1.85:1 while Warner for some obscure reason decided to release the dvd with an aspect ratio of 1.77:1

The sound comes with a 5.1 track but you shouldn’t expect too much from that either as the emphasis is on the front speakers


As with so many Stephen King novels, the book is better. A lot! Desperation is a very average tv movie and eventhough the cast has some pretty decent names, nobody manages to uplift the film to a decent level. The fact that God is omnipresent and that there are quite some loopholes in the script may have something to do with that. I’ve read Desperation myself and found the book to be a lot more interesting than this pretty straight forward movie. Don’t expect much building up of tension or characters that seem more than cardboard. Fans of Stephen King may want to get this dvd to add it to their collection, but most people will probably best wait until they find it in the discount bin. IF you would be interested in checking it out of course.

If the flat story isn’t bad enough, Warner releases this movie with rather bad image quality and no extras. Two more reasons to keep away from this DVD.

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