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Destroy All Humans! 2

Ten years ago, you consuered Earth and now you’re relaxing and enjoying your life as a president. You know you’re the most powerfull being on the face of the planet and you know that somewhere in orbit around the planet your mothership is keeping things under control. Untill the day some nitwit decides to check if it’s missileproof. Apparently someone knows you’re here…

Life is hard for an alien but you must go on anyway. Luckily for you, your boss, who’s also the mastermind behind your successful campaign last time around, managed to upload his mind onto a hologram. He commands you to find out who was behind the attack. Unfortunately your gear seems to be missing after the attack so you’ll have to find some missing datacores wich contain your weapons.

You start out with your standard everyday zapper but that’s only the first of many crazy weapons you’ll be able to add to your arsenal. As you progress through the game you’ll be happy to have so many toys because whoever said that the 60’s were all ‘Love, Peace and Happiness’ surely wasn’t a Furon. Sometimes our poor Cryptosporidium has to keep entire armies off his back but thanks to the upgrades you can buy you’ll be able to tip the balance a bit more in your favour. Just pay some Furotechcells and you’ll be killing humans in no time.

The first city you’ll visit is clearly based on San Fransisco back in the sixties. There are hippies everywhere and by the way they’re strolling around I’m pretty sure they have at least a few mindclearing substances in their system. You, being a clever alien, will of course take advantage of that by snatching their bodies and using them as a cunning disguise. No more holograms as cover from now on.

Of course people will be alarmed when they see a little gray man taking control of a person but in this day and age, there’s a solution to that. Crypto has learned a few more things and uses his mind for more than just mindreading an telekinesis. He can cast ‘Free Love’ on everyone surrounding him. When you successfully preach free love, people will forget all about you and just start swinging to a cool tune. You can also control policemen and use them to give yourself a break and call off the search for the little gray alien.

But back to destroying all humans. The way your adventures are shown on screen is quite good. I have to admit that the pedestrians look like they’re all twins and some characters like Natalya are a bit square where you’d expect them to be round but apart from that the overall ambiance helps you to get in the mood. The explosions even make some spectacular images.

The sound in this game is kept on an acceptable level thanks to the superb voice acting and the endless stream of witty remarks. It has to be said though that some jingles might begin to annoy you a little bit when you play the game long enough.

The best element of the previous Destroy All Humans!, namely the humour, is definitely back. It might be spicy at times, but it never crosses the line wich means it’s ethical to let kids play the game. Something they might be willing to do and thanks to the Furon’s ability to clone themselves, they’ll never get a Game Over screen.

There aren’t many remarks I can make on this game. Perhaps the flying saucer could have used a bit more horsepower because now it’s just floating around at the pace of an oldtimer driven by a granny. But then again, they don’t have a cool disintegrator ray mounted on them, do they?

Just take Destroy All Humans! 2 for what it is, a funny third person shooter that doesn’t take itself serious, and you might have lots of fun with it.

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