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Deuces Wild

Leon and Bobby are two brothers and part of the Brooklyn street gang “The Deuxes”. Their brother died on a drug overdose and since then they are determined to keep drugs out of their neighbourhood. When Marco – leader of rival gang “The Vipers” and the guy that sold the drugs to their brother – gets released from jail, the whole neighbourhood is scared that Leon and Marco will start an open war on the streets. Marco is determined to take revenge on Leon for the time he had to sit in jail and has made up a plan which will give him the power to destroy both Leon and The Deuces.

Sound and Vision:
Deuces Wild dates from 2002 but if you look at it you would think it looks older as the colors are a bit pale for a recent movie. The level of detail and sharpness are acceptable and there are no compression errors.

The soundtrack may be in 5.1 but hardly uses its capacity. Dialogues are nicely put at the center speaker but the rear speakers never really come into action.

Filmographies and the theatrical trailer can hardly be called extras these days

Deuces Wild brings back nostalgic feeling to movies like The Wanderers but in a more modern package and without the musical part. The struggle for young men in Brooklyn is well-portrayed as well as the wars going on between street gangs in that time. The storyline is good but the overall DVD quality could have been better. There aren’t any real extras and image & sound quality are only average

Our Score:

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