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Deus Ex

Deus Ex has made quite a stir before and after it was released. People were mega-enthousiastic about this game so I decided to play it.
The game is based on the Unreal Tournament engine, and after the mistake of Ion Storm with Daikatana, everyone was hoping that Deus Ex would make it all up.

If you read 90% of all reviews on this game, you’ll notice that everyone found it to be incredibly good and very renewing/refreshing.
I wonder wether I played the same game as all those other reviewers…

Deus Ex puts you in the character of some agent who has to save the world (where did I hear that before ?) and although it’s in First Person view, you get third person cut-scenes like in Soldier of Fortune where your mission is explained.
During your mission you get tips on how to complete it like you had in Messiah (“Shooting your opponents in the head will get them killed instantly”).

At the start you have to choose for a weapon (rifle, rossbow, …) and that’s the first thing I found to be pretty strange. You only get one weapon to start with and you have to CHOOSE for that weapon ? Since when can agents only choose for 1 weapon ?

OK, so I headed off running around, picking up ammo for my rifle (hey, I like FPS so I normally chose for the rifle).

The first thing I noticed was that when you get a tip, you DO HAVE TO FOLLOW IT, otherwise it’s hardly possible to finish the game
So when you hear you have to shoot your opponents through the head, you better do that. I found out that otherwise you don’t have enough ammo…

When you kill an adversary, you can pick up his weapon which is normal, when they have a crossbow, that’s hardly useable. After a short while I ran out of bullets, took that crossbow and noticed that you have to shoot about 5 darts in a guy before he goes down (and that’s pretty damn disturbing if his fellow mate is standing next to him and starts to panic, shooting all around)

Deus Ex is not something that I find renewing. The tips come from Messiah (and lots of other games), the gameplay has completely been taken from the Thief-games and qua graphics it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Why do people like it so much then, you might think. Personally there are 2 possibilities in my opinion :
1. People love playing Thief, so this is some futuristic Thief-game for them
2. IF Deus Ex gets bashed, I guess that would be the end for Ion Storm, and I doubt anyone would want that

Not that I hate Ion Storm or anything, or that I completely hate Deus Ex, but it doesn’t live up to my expectations and I won’t jump on the bandwagon of saying that it’s “GREAT”, “FANTASTIC” or any other superlative in the positive sense like many others.

Deus Ex is certainly not a bad game, but it doesn’t live up to all the hype that’s going on about it

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