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Developer: “Free Radical Design”


Set in the year 2048 in a world where Governments have outsourced military operations to Private Military Corporations (PMC), you play a newly enlisted soldier seeking fulfillment and thrills by fighting for a good cause. As the leading PMC, Mantel Global Industries offers a high-tech arsenal of vehicles, deadly weaponry, and on top of that […]


Second Sight

Second Sight gives players control of a character endowed with incredible psychic abilities. The game offers multiple approaches to completing levels either via stealth, dramatic gunplay, psychic powers or a combination of all three. The ability to psychically influence characters and remotely manipulate objects and individuals provides for a totally fresh gameplay dynamic. Haunted by […]


TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

TimeSplitters Future Perfect marks the return of one of the most critically acclaimed console first-person shooters, where victory is in the hands of the player’s past, present, and future selves in a battle that stretches throughout time. In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, humanity is on the brink of destruction from the malevolent TimeSplitters. Cortez-the tough-as-nails hero […]


TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 is adrenalized adventure through time to save mankind’s future from the grasp of an evil race seeking to end it all. Operating in periods of past and future history, the TimeSplitters have hidden crystal shards that power a time portal device which allows them to travel through time and corrupt mankind’s fate. The […]