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Developer: “Point of View”

Spawn: Armageddon

Spawn, based on Todd McFarlane’s best-selling comic book character, is a 3-D action/adventure game, where Spawn is caught between factions in the battle of Good vs. Evil. Players will encounter a variety of enemies through more than 30 interactive and destructible environments, as Spawn struggles to break free of the controlling forces of Heaven and […]


MLB Slugfest 20-04

MLB SlugFest 20-04 features enormous athletes with over-the-top abilities, including turbo-powered running, play-of-the-week caliber fielding and out-of-the-park hitting. In addition, all-new features add plenty of adrenaline to this year’s experience: new modes include Create-A-Team, which allows gamers to form their own All-Star team; Customizable Instant Replay, allowing gamers control of the camera and the ability […]


Scorpion King: Rise of An Akkadian, The

Unleash the power of the Scorpion King in a new action adventure game inspired by The Rock’s blockbuster feature film from Universal Pictures. In this exciting new story, players assume the role of the hero, Mathayus (The Scorpion King), as he undergoes new journeys to exotic locations and battles multiple enemies to become one of […]