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Devil Man

Akira is a student who has all the problems of a standard teenager until the moment his old friend Ryo comes by to pick him up without giving any explanation of what is going on. Once on the road to his house, Ryo tells Akira that his father has died after trying to kill him and that he needs Akira’s help. Apparently Ryo’s dad discovered that Devils actually existed on Earth before mankind and have only been in stasis since the Ice Age. When Ryo’s father discovered a cave with these creatures inside, he accidentally awakened them and even merged with one of them. Ryo, having discovered this secret, is now in fear for his life and has found that only one thing can stop the devils from taking over earth: someone pure of heart needs to merge with a powerful devil to get his powers without loosing control and Ryo’s choice for that person is Akira…

Sound and Vision:
The image isn’t what you would expect from an animation movie. There’s quite a lot of trilling image lines and this gets quite disturbing. Add to that a rather primitive drawing style and you immediately realise that this anime is made almost 20 years ago.

The sound is only stereo and doesn’t add much to the viewing experience.


Devil Man has a mediocre storyline, oldfashioned graphics and a soundtrack that makes you cry. The ending clearly shows that the idea was to make a series of Devil Man for TV but apparently it never got that far and not without reason. Although I’m a pretty big fan of anime, I found the ideas to be quite childish and also the finishing couldn’t please me. The image quality is sub par and the sound doesn’t really add much either. That A-Film didn’t add any extras to the DVD is only positive as I would have had to check those out as well. Only for the hardcore fans that want to have EVERYTHING that is available when it comes to Japanese anime.

Our Score:

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