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Devil May Cry 2

The position of the game reviewers has its advantages but also its disadvantages. The latter being that you have to keep your social life alive purely on character because otherwise you’ll drown in the pool of addicted gamers in no time. The advantage on the other hand is that you sometimes receive special editions of games which really impress you like the one from Devil May Cry 2 which I received.

The box art of this game is a good indication of what you can expect from it: scary, twisted and demonic ! Even before you can place your disc in the PS2 you’re already facing a dilemma: will I be checking out the male or female character ? Yes, DMC2 offers you the choice between 2 personae to complete the game, Dante or Lucia.

Both have their own beautiful moves that you’ll just love to use after a couple of minutes of playing against the hordes of enemies that are coming up on you. If you like guns, Dante is the man of your dreams (to play with at least), are you more in favor of a babe who knows how to handle knives, then Lucia will be your perfect choice. Each of them also has a nice collection of swords for close combat. Although both characters have their own storyline, they have a common goal: destruction of Arius, the head of a powerful company that as usual doesn’t have good plans with the world.

In DMC2 the developers made good use of the existing levels to increase the joy of playing; each character needs to battle its way through the same surroundings but in a different order and with different missions. No-brain killers won’t make it far in this game; almost all levels have puzzles, but on the other hand you’ll have plenty of chances to test your razor-sharp weapons while solving them.

Close combat definitely is the major feature. In several places in the levels dozens of opponents will appear, just asking to have their asses kicked… and you fullfil their wishes with style. Double-jumps in thin air, hanging for a couple of seconds while firing a bunch of bullets or knives, gymnastic dodging manoeuvers, backflip salto’s from a wall… Devil May Cry 2 has them all.

You won’t only have to defeat mechanical skeletons on the ground, also fucked up eagles that shoot pulses at you from the air will need to be taken care of. Add a sniff of demonic infected tanks and some monstrous bosses and you instantly understand that all moves and weapons will be used at full force.

During the fights and the wandering around in the levels, the camera viewpoint will be chosen automatically. You have absolutely no control over the viewpoint of your character. Most of the time this computer controlled system works very good but I did have some problems in a couple of situations where I had to get rid of multiple enemies in the air or when I wanted to lean over an edge to look down and spot the location of the enemy.
Targeting with long distance weapons is done automatically through a vizer that positions itself on the enemy you’re looking at, or atleast the one who comes closest in range.

Completely sublime is the atmosphere that is built by switching the music style during combat to a typical action sound which makes you feel the tention even more and gives you and extra boost. As soon as the last of the opponents is destroyed, the game switches back to the more subtle, dark style that gives you a “God it’s creepy here” feeling.

Both Dante and Lucia have the possibility to launch special attacks when they’ve gained enough ‘devil power’. Dante will get devilish looks while Lucia goes running around like and angel. Through the game you can collect Red Orbs and these can be traded for weapon powerups or extra items. I found the coolest to be the Devil Hearts which give your character a new extra feature each time but you can only activate 1 of them in the setup screen of your character.

Devil May Cry 2 is an entertaining game that gets its kicks from the atmosphere and moves. Unfortunately, the graphics could have been a bit better and the repetitive surroundings get quite boring after a while. Luckily the soundtrack is well-done and adds to the overall dark atmosphere which gives this game a major upgrade. Having a game with 2 characters, each sort of with their own missions, is definitely positive but I wouldn’t mind if the overall difficulty level would have been a bit higher.

Overall a top-game that gave me a short but intensive gameplay experience but in the long turn will have it hard finding its way back from my dusty games archive to my PS2.

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