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Devil Wears Prada, The

Andy Sachs has been trying to get a job in writing in New York but hasn’t been successful at that up to now. Therefore she decides to apply at fashion magazine “Runway” to become second assistant to Miranda Priestly in the hopes of managing to score a writing job later on. She doesn’t know much about fashion and actually doesn’t care about it that much either, but she does manage to get the job and is very happy with it. Until she actually starts working that is. Miranda is a terrorist who wants her personnel to be ready for her 24/7… Slowly but steadily, Andy discovers that if she wants to keep up in this world of fashion, she’ll need to change her ways…

Sound and Vision:
The dvd has very sharp image with plenty of detail and we didn’t spot any compression errors. Very good stuff from Fox!

The soundtrack isn’t so very important as there are little special effects and the movie is dialogue-driven. The surround speakers are used in a subtle way for music while the dialogues are constantly understandable and well-positioned at the center front speaker.

There’s several features about the different aspects of the movie and more specificall about the fashion and costumes part. People who like fashion will probably get turned on by these features if they can stand the fact that everything is quite promotional and that just about everyone that had anything to do with making the movie gets tons of praise. Next to these features there are also some outtakes, deleted scenes, audio commentary tracks and a couple of trailers.

Am I missing something? The Devil Wears Prada got two Oscar nominations, won a Golden Globe and got a ton of other nominations. Still, I found the movie to be extremely boring and floating further without clearly going anywhere. The only positive point I can think of is Meryl Streep. I’m all but a fan of Mrs. Streep but her appearance in The Devil Wears Prada is fantastic. The way she portrays Miranda Priestly is great and she does it with such flair that you can’t do anything but believe she would fit right in with the shallow fashion crowd who think they’re better than anyone else. Still, if you leave Meryl Streep out of the picture, you remain with a comedy that isn’t funny (except maybe for people working in the fashion industry who love the inside jokes) and a storyline that doesn’t have a real point (except that which you figured out after 10 minutes)

Fox delivers a dvd with plenty of extras that will appeal to people who want to know everything about the fashion industry and don’t mind sifting through tons of praise for just about everyone that had anything to do with the making of the movie. The image and sound quality are also decent so on the technical part there’s nothing to complain. My suggestion: rent it first to see whether you’ll like it as I for sure didn’t.

Our Score:

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