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Detective Bowden, who is still grieving for the loss of his wife and kid after a hit&run accident five years ago, gets called out to investigate a supposed suicide. Once on the scene, he finds out that the jumper went out of a nearby skyscraper. When he enters the building, however, he’s asked to help out with a situation in an elevator that’s stuck. Five people got trapped in it and each time the lights start acting weird, one of them ends up dead. Bowden has to find out as fast as possible which of them is the actual killer.

Sound and Vision:
The image of Devil isn’t a pretty one. Black levels are bad, there’s aliasing, and there’s plenty of crush making for a complete mess at times and that’s for all types of scenes, not only those in the elevator.

The sound luckily makes up for the image problems a bit. The music score, ambient effects and localizing effects are really good and put you in the middle of the action. Don’t think this is perfect, though, as dialogues in the elevator lack some confinement and the subwoofer could have used some more punch.

– Deleted Scenes
– The Story
– The Devil’s Meeting
– The Night Chronicles

Although this seems like a nice batch of extras the total time of all of them together is about ten minutes and doesn’t add much if anything.

Devil came from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan and is a rather standard whodunnit with some horror elements added. We follow the happenings inside a stuck elevator with five strangers in it while a cop tries to find out who the killer amongst them is and one of the security guards is clear that this is a “devil’s encounter” that will leave them all dead and their souls in the hands of the devil come to Earth.

The three story arcs come together as the end comes near and to be honest: if your expectations aren’t too high (which shouldn’t be too much of a problem seeing Shyamalan’s recent work) it does work quite well. The end result (with thanks to Dowdle and not Shyamalan acting as director probably) is a rather entertaining horror/thriller flick that follows most of the genre’s tricks of the trade and only lasts a few minutes too long. I’m not going to spoil anything, but let’s just say that the moment the elevator’s doors open, you can easily hit the “stop” button on your remote.

The movie is definitely one that won’t appeal to everyone (it isn’t original enough and doesn’t have anything to make it stand out of the crowd except for a few twists that will make people love or hate it), the image quality is rather bad and the extras hardly live up to their name. The sound, however, does make up for quite a lot. All in all this leaves us with mixed feelings regarding this Blu-ray release so we would suggest to give it a chance if you find it at low price.

Our Score:

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