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Devil's Rejects, The – 2-Disc SE

Sheriff John Quincy Wydell and his Texas State Police assistents arrive at the Firefly family and start shooting the house down after a first warning. Otis and his sister Baby manage to escape and warn their father, Captain Spaulding/Jack Cutter. They agree to meet each other at a desolate motel and when Spaulding appears they’ll head off to a safehouse owned by Spaulding’s half brother Charlie Altamont. Wydell’s people have captured Mother Firefly during the raid and she tells Wydell what happened with his brother George. This makes him insane of rage and he heads off for a full frontal attack on the Firefly’s, taking justice in his own hands.

Sound and Vision:
Although the movie was originally shown in theaters in 1.85:1, the dvd contains an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Luckily this doesn’t cause any problems and we get good contrast, amount of detail and depth. Overall, the image has a very 70s look that perfectly fits the movie and although there’s constantly some intentional grain present there’s nothing that brings down the viewing experience.

We get a Dolby Digital 5.1 EX track as well as a standard DTS one. Both tracks fit perfectly and create a tension-filled atmosphere. All channels are well used and there’s plenty of bass when necessary.

– The Making Of : 30 Days in Hell: Extensive Making Of that lacks a bit of cohesion and looks like a video diary
– Deleted/Extended Scenes
– Commercials
– Blooper Reel
– Special Features:
Matthew Owens Video: short video in memory of Matthew McGrory (aka Tiny in the movie)
– Video Clip “Satan’s got to get along without me”
– Otis Home Movie: short movie by character Otis Firefly during the rape of a girl
– Bloody Stand-up: one of the actors does some stand up comedy during shooting

The Devil’s Rejects is the sequel to Rob Zombie’s “The House of 1000 Corpses” and has a very 70s atmosphere that perfectly fits the movie. We get to check out what can be seen as a combination between roadmovie and gore horror with a touch of Sam Peckinpah and cool western. Bullets and blood fly around like never before and the whole is nicely supported by music that endulges you even further in the movie. The acting is terrific and it’s clear that there are no heroes in this film. All characters are bad and the end game delivers everyone what they had coming. Great stuff! Of course, I’m sure not everyone will love The Devil’s Rejects as it’s targeted towards a very specific audience and the general public will clearly have a problem with all the gore, blood and violence that’s portrayed. I on the other hand liked it a lot.

Paradiso has released the Uncut Version with a beautiful steelbook case that contains 2 discs with a couple of extras that fans will appreciate. One minor downpoint is that the bitrate for both image and sound could have been improved. All in all it’s still a very good package though.

Our Score:

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