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Diablo 2

It’s almost been a month since i wrote my last review. The reason herefor is not that I’m lazy (hmm, actually I am :), but the game i’m reviewing; Diabolo 2 and more specific the damned 1.02 patch that crashed my computer and made me start all over again.

When I started D2 (3 f***ing cd’s) I thought “they must have given me the wrong game, cause this is diabolo 1” But hey, as it turned out, it was the correct game (colour me surprised) that looks alot like the prequel. The game begins with a nice movie that tells you the story: Diabolo is back (duh) and guess who has to polish his sword (or staf or whatever 🙂 to kick diablo’s ass? Yep, nothing new there, but what happens from then on is the best hack&slash-o-rama that I’ve ever seen. To describe D2’s gameplay in one word: “WOW”. You just get sucked in wanting more, more items, weapons, gold, more monsters to kick, more experience, more whatever.

As I said, D2 looks almost exactly like D1, but you don’t hear me whining about that cause the graphics may be a little out of date, the perspective is still really good and the lightning fX are just awesome. There isn’t much more to say about the graphs cause they are way less important then the gameplay in these games. The image might be a little shaky but let’s just say that it gives a certain “je ne sais quoi” :))

The sound is finished, nothing could possibly be added. All the sound FX are there and are balanced into perfection. When the rain falls, just turn up the volume, brrrrrr realism is a bitch hein. When lightning strikes I almost pee in my pants cause it sounds so real 🙂
A very nice soundtrack was made for this game (it is also available as audio cd I guess), it never gets boring or annoying.

Diablo 2 is not a real hardcore RPG like baldur’s gate or planescape but it is just one fantastic hack&slash fest that can keep u busy for weeks, looking for quests and items. It has been a while that i played a game that kept me so busy trying to discover new things. And when u’re just recovered of the single player experience, try the multplayer on Man that really shows the other multiplayer games (except for Quake(and look-alikes), starcraft and online rpg’s) in its class some butt. Yep, your character gets experienced quicker and there is nothing more pleasant then whooping some demon scum’s asses with a nice human party.

When you don’t have alot cash to pay for expensive telephone bills, then the ai will give a damn good challenge. For an axample: when you attack an archer (or something that looks like an archer) he runs back and starts shooting you from a save distance. The ai monsters also try to separate u from ur party and attack the weakest first.

I only detected one flaw : when you play with a big party (like necromancer: 5 or more partymembers) and you enter a small area (like the sewers in actII), it can happen that you get stuck in a dead end just because your partymembers won’t go back if you don’t and since you’re on a dead end, you can’t pass them (very frustrating).

What is there more to say about diablo 2? Nothing except from the fact that i want diablo 3 🙂

So if you’ve never heard of diablo, SHAME ON U!!!!! U can still save your soul by buying it now. If you’ve already heard of diablo, then also go buy it. This is a must have for every gaming fan

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