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Diddy Kong Racing

It seems like an eternity ago but when Nintendo 64 was slightly cool, two great fun racers appeared on the stage: Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. Although Diddy Kong couldn’t measure up with the quality of Mario Kart 64, it was a fun and pleasant game. I’m curious if Diddy Kong Racing DS could stand up against the new competitor, Mario Kart DS!

You could ask yourself if Rare made the same improvements to their franchise. Mario Kart DS could benefit from experience while Diddy Kong was just one game left alone. I wouldn’t get your hopes up, because Diddy Kong isn’t special in a way Mario Kart DS is. But that doesn’t mean it’s no fun to play.

Diddy Kong on the Nintendo 64 was quite inventive when it came out all these years ago. The biggest thing was that you could choose between three vehicles, a car, a hoovercraft and a plane. Back in the days, it was a remarkable option and something to be exciting about. Nowadays, we’re used to different things but it’s still entertaining to play with three different vehicles, all with there different possibilities. The controls are simple enough for beginners and ingenious enough for experts. I’ve choses for the plane and it’s speed. I didn’t really liked the hoovercraft, because the controls were a little bit too sloppy.

It’s nice to notice that the game is still very big. Diddy Kong Racing DS plays an adventure game. You have to unlock different items to continue in a league. After this, you have to race against some sort of level boss to compete in the races with your stylus. It’s a pity these stylus levels aren’t always as great as they should have been. You’re meant to prick all the balloons with your pen while collecting coins. The tricky part is that your stylus also controls the camera, which can be very frustrating. Through the game, it’s also possible to use the stylus to solve some puzzles.

The graphics are great, giving you the same feeling Diddy Kong Racing 64 had. The levels are variated and there’s always something to be seen in the backgrounds. Even the better is the fact that there are a lot of levels, meaning you wont get bored soon. Too bad the developers used al the clichés a fun racer can have. Expect fire levels, snow levels, sky levels and beach levels!

The music is painfully annoying combining a Greek sirtaki with the joyful sounds of German Schlager music. I recommend playing Diddy Kong Racing without the music. The voices are well done, because they sound really gay, giving it a funny effect without even meaning it.

Diddy Kong Racing DS is a fun racer with the same qualities as Diddy Kong Racing 64. It hasn’t got the quality of Mario Kart DS, but it’s a great alternative to Nintendo’s greatest fun racer ever.

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