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Die Another Day (Special Edition)

Bond, James Bond… He’s back in his latest movie and this time he has to find the link between a terrorist who is in charge of a large operation in North Korea and a goodlooking diamond broker who appears to be more than he shows. When it becomes clear that there’s also a spy inside MI6, things can become even more dangerous than even Mr. Bond himself might have guessed.

Sound and Vision:
Apart from some very minor aliasing, this dvd has superb image quality. Good color balance, no problems what so ever with the different color palettes (Korean scenes towards the rest of the movie), nice detail and darkness, no edge enhancement or compression errors and sharpness that would cut through butter like a razorblade. Top stuff

Same goes for the soundtrack which uses the different channels to the maximum and really shows how good (or bad ?) your home cinema system is. Only minor downpoint is that in certain scenes, the dialogues are a bit on the silent side but fortunately those are rare.

We get an audio commentary track with director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael G. Wilson and a second one where Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike let themselves go. Also on the first disk is the MI6 datastream which gives popups during the film from time to time with background information.

The second disk starts off with 7 documentaries (you can play them as one) which highlight several different aspects of the production including of course interviews with cast & crew. Next up is a documentary on the preparation of the car chase on the ice after which you can check out the storyboards and compare them to the final scenes. Then we can check out four action scenes from multiple angles after which we get to see how the development of the begin titling is done. Next is a short documentary on how the movie was digitally enhanced. Were not gonna stop yet as we get an audio explanation of how the different gadgets in the movie used and a huge database of pictures from the film. Exclusively for region 2 there’s a documentary From Script To Screen where actor Robert Carlyle guides us behind the screens through the preparation of Die Another Day from script writing to decor building. Last there’s a whole bunch of promotion materials going from trailers, tv spots and a music video to trailers for the game James Bond: Nightfire.

Ok, the plot may be a bit simplistic and the action scenes may have the upper hand in Die Another Day, but isn’t that what we’re expecting to see from a Bond movie? I would say yes and in that context, this DVD is worth every penny.

Our Score:

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