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Dirty Deeds

In 1969, mobster Barry Ryan controls the Sydney underground which mainly includes getting some income from the local bars and making sure the jackpots income gets distributed to his pocket. His approach doesn’t leave much competition but he gets noticed in the USA and two Italian Americans, Sal and Tony, are sent out to present Barry a new prototype machine and make a deal. Meanwhile, Barry’s cousin Darcy returns from Vietnam and gets recruited by Barry to watch over his mistress Margaret. Of course, Darcy falls for Margeret’s charm but Barry doesn’t really have time for that as it seems someone from his own organisation is trying to make money behind his back.

Sound and Vision:
The image is bright and very flashy to give that extra sixties feeling. Overall the quality is pretty decent although some grain is present aswell as some damage. Nothing really disturbing though.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track is truly amazing with crystal clear dialogues and constant use of all channels for music and surround effects. Unfortunately we can’t say the same from the DTS track which is quite horrible

“Behind the Scenes” mostly contains interviews with cast & crew filled up with some real behind the scenes footage. Personally I found it rather boring and way too long. Next up is 2 more interviews with Bryan Brown and Tony Collette but you can skip these as there’s nothing really interesting that you haven’t heard in the “Behind the scenes”. The rest of the extras is hardly worth writing about.

A pretty funny gangster movie with good acting, decent image (although not superb) quality and a great Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Too bad the extras are boring as hell.

Our Score:

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