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Dirty Harry Collection: The Dead Pool

After a big crime lord gets sent to prison thanks to Harry Callahan’s work, Harry becomes a means for the police department to have some good PR and they make sure he’s aware of that. Not that Harry is interested in the press though. When he gets called to investigate the death of an actor on the set of a new horror movie he gets upset of the way the media is trying to capture the guy’s crying girlfriend on tape and Harry decides to stop it by throwing away the camera. Good PR indeed!

The female reporter who’s camera got trashed decides to press charges against and ask the city for compensation unless Harry agrees to go to diner with her. Harry isn’t all too happy with the situation but agrees under pressure from his bosses and when at the restaurant she tells him that she wants an in-depth interview with him, his appetite is completely gone. Little later, she finds out that the director of the movie was playing a game called “The Dead Pool” where one makes a list of people who are thought to die pretty quickly. Then you fictively get rid of those people. Unfortunatley, the director’s list seems to become reality and also Harry is on it…

Sound and Vision:
The image has been completely digitally remastered from the original negative and compression errors are completely absent. Also some color corrections have been done but overall the film still nicely displays the time period of the movie. There are hardly any damages visible on this blu-ray and we can only conclude by saying that this is the best transfer we’ve ever seen of The Dead Pool.

The sound originated from a mono track and has also been completely remastered. Additional effects have been added and overall this results in a very dynamic track that can stand next to many modern movies. Excellent job!

– Audio Commentary by the producer and the cameraman, Jack N. Green And David Valdes
– The Craft Of Dirty Harry: recent feature where people from the movie industry give their opinion on the cinematography, editing, music and production of the Dirty Harry movies
– Trailers

The Dead Pool is the fifth and last movie with Clint Eastwood in the role of Dirty Harry and follows the known pattern. Harry makes a mess, his bosses are all but happy with him, but in the end he still manages to save the day with his big Magnum (not the ice cream). Plenty of shooting is present and all in all the mvoie provides a nice 91 minutes of entertainment that is now shown in the best quality it has ever received.

A Must for the fans of Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood or movie lovers in general.

Our Score:

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