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Domino Harvey is the daughter of Laurence Harvey (of Manchurian Candidate fame) and former top model Sophie Wynn. As such, Domino grows up in a very protected environment which she doesn’t really like. While she’s expected to follow into the footsteps of her mother, this doesn’t really interest her and when her mother remarries and moves to Beverly Hills, Domino really gets fed up with it. When she meets Ed Mosbey and Choco, she joins them and becomes a bounty hunter. Their team is extremely successful and even get hooked up in a reality show called “The Bounty Squad”. Thing look like they’ve never been better until their employer, Claremont Williams asks them to find the guys that robbed 10 million dollars from the maffia which puts them in the middle of a battle between the mob and the FBI…

Sound and Vision:
Tony Scott has done quite some image manipulation in this movie which results in a rather green/yellow color palette that gives a limited depth to the image. Overall, the quality is decent, but due to the fast montage there’s some color bleeding and grain present. Whether or not this is intentional is something we’ll let the viewer decide this time but for us the transfer was exactly as the director wanted it to be.

We get a very good soundtrack in both Dolby Digital or DTS with lots of ambiance, aggressive use of all channels and everything supported by a very good portion of bass through the subwoofer. Excellent!

– Preview Trailers: of Final Destination 3, A History of Violence and The Dark
– Audio Commentary track by director Tony Scott and writer Richard Kelly
– Alternative Audio Commentary track on script notes, storyline and meetings with Tony Scott, Zach Schiff-Arams, Richard Kelly and Tom Waits
– Deleted/Alternate Scènes
– “I’m A Bounty Hunter”: Domino Harvey’s Life: Feature on the real Domino Harvey including interviews with her mother, the real Choco and a youth friend. Also the real Domino gets her say although very briefly.
– “Bounty Hunting On Acid”: Tony Scott’s Visual Style: 10 minute feature on the visual style used by Tony Scott for this movie. All experts involved tell about the visual techniques used.

Domino is partially based on the true story of Domino Harvey. Right after the finishing of the movie, she was found dead at age 35 due to an overdose of painkillers but not before she managed to let the world know that she didn’t completely agree with how she got portrayed. Scott changed a couple of things including her sexual nature (she was a lesbian).

Anyway, enough background info, back to the movie. If you have an all-star cast and a storyline that’s truly interesting, leave it to Tony Scott to mess things up. Can someone PLEASE let the man know that you can actually hold a camera still for more than 5 seconds??? The perfectly cast actors do a great job and the storyline is good enough for a cool movie a la Reservoir Dogs, but Scott’s “visual style” and him trying to put as much information in as little time as possible unfortunately makes it look like a collage that doesn’t always make much sense. A missed chance if you ask me as what we’re left with is a nice action movie that doesn’t rise above the average of what we’re used from Hollywood. I guess Domino Harvey herself would have liked something better.

Our Score:

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