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Donald Duck Quack Attack

When Donald installs himself in front of the telly, he sees how Katrien (sorry, I’m using the Dutch names… If you are living in an other country, just ask a six year old boy or girl who Donald’s love is, he or she will know…) is bringing a life report in the secret temple of the evil Merlock. Just as she wanted to show the audience what the plans of that bad guy were, Merlock spotted her. And the television signal went dead… O my

Who can help Donald to get to that evil place? Willy Wortel can, of course, who else? But, there is a small problem. His travel-machine is broken… So Donald has to find the four missing pieces first. And when there is 1 problem, or 2, there can be 3 problems also, not? Indeed, the three little nephews have lost their toys. So, if Donald would be so kind to search the missing teddy bears also, while he is on the road?

You should have guessed it by now. This arcade action game is the usual jumping and knocking, with some extra things to search for. In total, this game offers 24 levels. They are grouped together, the first 4 levels are actually the search to find the missing pieces for Willy Wortel’s machine. If you are stuck in one level, you do not have to keep replaying it over and over again, you can solve the others first. But you have to finish all 4 levels before the next group of levels becomes available.

Moving around the levels is easy. All you need to use are the arrow keys, the ‘Q’ to jump, and the ‘Space bar’ to knock the enemies down. For those who like to play games like this one with a gamepad, that is possible also. It’s a pity that the keys are not configurable, but because there are only two keys that you use, this is no big problem.

As in every platform game, there are bonuses. In this case, getting 100 points gives you one extra life. A yellow star counts for 1 point, a blue star represents 5 points, and if you find a red star, that gives you 10 points. I’ve not searched the area a lot, mostly you can not get off the right track. So all you have to do is follow the road, and you’ll run over every star that you meet. The only moment you can miss a star, is when you are not quick enough to run to the blue stars, they vanish after a while. And later in the game, you’ll have to jump higher and higher or further and further to get the very much needed points.

Although the box tells that the world of Quack Attack is in full 3D, that is a bit exaggerated. You can move in 3 directions, that’s true, but only one direction is the good one. The voices are reasonable, but don’t expect to understand a single word of what Donald says. For Dutch readers: the text is translated, you can give this game to children that can not even spell the word ENGLISJ…

While you are playing, you can pick up some more things, that increase the speed and the invulnerability of Donald. Not that you will need those a lot, but they give some variation to this game. And it is fun to play as Donald, that is true.

So far, the good things.

Yep, there are bad things also. This game is designed for Win95/98. problems with Win 2000, that you can read after opening the manual, so after you’ve bought it. But I did not have problems with Win 2000, I use Win ME. And although I’ve tried it many times, after finishing a level, the game crashes. First I thought it was the screengrabber who interfered, then I blamed the anti-virus program, I can not remove my Voodoo so I did not blame that card, but I even blamed DirectX. Because this game installs DirectX, if you like it or not. And I don’t like that, I think my version was up-to-date, so all the program could do is make it worse. To give the game a second chance, I installed it on my laptop. Not good, I could not even start the game. The ‘Enter’ button did not react. The arrow buttons neither.

So if you (or your children / nephews / neighbours) like to play a game with Donald Duck, ask the shopkeeper if you can bring this game back if it does not work like it should be. I don’t think everyone will have problems to run it, but I surely could not get further then looking at the four first levels…

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