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Doom – Extended Edition

When an experiment on Mars turns bad, the guys from the Rapid Response Tactical Squad are sent in to clean up. What they find on Mars, however, exceeds everything they thought they would encounter…

Sound and Vision:
Universal has done a terrific job on the technical side of things with this dvd. The image is hair sharp and doesn’t contain any disturbing compression errors. The amount of detail is good while the colors are bright and shiny and also the contrast is what it should be. Only minor downpoint I could find is that some of the dark scenes seem to be a little darker and loose some detail compared to when I saw the movie at the cinema.

The DTS soundtrack is just fan-tas-tic! You’re constantly in the middle of all the action and all channels are very aggressively used. This again makes me wonder why companies like Universal don’t ship dvd’s with DTS soundtracks more often.

– Basic training: an informative feature that shows the weapons training the actors received before starting to work on the actual movie
– Making of The Rock: feature on how the transformation is done and how the special effects people made him into a zombie
– Brilliant Monster Makers: personally I wasn’t so interested in this feature that takes a look at the special effects of the monsters
– First Person Shooter Sequence: the title says it all
– The Doom Nation: extensive feature on how the game Doom changed the world of gaming and made the FPS genre so popular. Several people from ID Software including John Carmack also give their thoughts on the Doom series and how it influenced the general public
– Game On: a rather uninteresting feature that gives some “tips” on how to finish Doom 3 (the game)
– Trailers for Jarhead and Serenity

I wasn’t really impressed with the movie when I saw it at an avant premiere, but on DVD, Doom does manage to entertain. When seeing it for a second time I actually could have fun with the links to the game and some of the absurd comedy that is put in this movie. Universal has done a terrific job on the dvd with excellent image and sound and some good extras that are worth checking out. I would recommend this dvd as it’s better than your average game-goes-movie title and because of its excellent quality on the technical side as well as the extras. If you’re looking for a movie to show off your surround system, this is definitely it!

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