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Jonesy, Henry, Pete and Beaver are four friends that have been together since they were children. They aren’t normal, however, as each one of them has special powers that give them the ability to do extraordinary things. Under the heavy load of this secret, they do manage to struggle through life and meet with each other every year for one week in Beaver’s cabin in the woods where they can relax, do some hunting and have feel young again without the burden of their powers. This year they go to the cabin as usual but while Henry and Pete go out to get some supplies, Beaver and Jonesy stay in the cabin and meet a guy who doesn’t look to be in great shape at all. Shortly after arriving, the guy goes to the bathroom but when Beaver and Jonesy enter they find him dead on the toilet.

Meanwhile, Henry and Pete are back on track towards the cabin when they get into an accident when Henry tries to evade a woman who’s sitting in the middle of the road. Pete has hurt his leg so he decides to stay with the woman while Henry goes on foot towards the cabin to get some help as the car is completely trashed. In the meantime, it becomes clear that in the forest an alien vessel has crashed and the military have sent out a division under the command of Col. Abraham Curtis (Freeman) who will do anything to get the alien invasion to stop, even if it means killing hundreds of innocent civilians who have been infected by an alien virus.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with sharp vision and good detail while edge enhancement and compression errors are down to a minimum. Nice !

The 5.1 soundtrack use the surround channels to support the atmosphere aswell as pouring out special effects while the center speaker nicely pours out the clear dialogues and the subwoofer supports the whole with a good low bass. Some more effects wouldn’t have hurt though but overall the soundtrack is very good

The extras start off with an interview with writer Stephen King who tells all about the origin of Dreamcatcher and how he came up with the idea behind the storyline. Personally I found this very interesting except for the fact that King at the end of his interview states he’s very pleased with the end result of the movie while in fact after half the movie doesn’t keep following the book anymore. I guess this is because he was interviewed shortly after viewing a rough cut of the movie as I doubt he’ll find it “great” that after halfway the movie, the storyline completely seems to leave the story of the book. Furthermore on the disc are a (too) short featurette on the visual effects, five deleted/altered scenes including alternate ending (worse than the one that’s used) and the theatrical trailer. Finally there’s an overview of cast & crew aswell as some dvd-rom features

Having read the book, I was really eager to see what the movie would be like and at first I was really glad to see the storyline was being followed quite correctly. Unfortunately, around halfway the movie, the script suddenly starts to follow another route than the book and clearly a bad route… The characters aren’t half as complex as they should be and the mutiny in the army which has been so well-described by King is nowhere to be seen. The same goes for the relationships between the characters which should have been digged out more. As with most movies based on books, the end result is far less and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a decent movie based on a Stephen King novel (The Green Mile being the latest). Still, if you’re just looking for a nice thriller you might like it although the end-scene is just plain ridiculous and too stupid to even spill words on.

Technically everything is ok as we’ve come to expect from Warner. Unfortunately, the only really interesting extra is the interview with Stephen King while the rest is hardly worth taking your time for. I would suggest you rent this one and then decide whether you find it good enough to buy it.

Our Score:

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