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Drive Thru

Mackenzie is about to turn 18 when suddenly teenagers start disappearing in Orange County and a lot of blood is found at the crime scene. Mackenzie doesn’t think much of it until suddenly a guy in the costume of Horny the Clown, mascotte of the Hellaburger chain, comes after her. She barely manages to escape but when she contacts the police, they don’t believe her story. As she goes out to investigate matters on her own, it becomes clear that the parents of the disappeared kids seem to know more about what’s going on. But is there time enough to stop the killing with Horny on her heels?

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty decent without obnoxious compression errors, good contrast and enough detail to make things visible at all times.

The 5.1 soundtrack does its job nicely and especially the supporting music during the slasher scenes come out of the speakers aggressively.


The plot is kinda ripped from Nightmare on Elm Street, the acting is mediocre and there are plenty of inconsistencies present in the storyline. Guess what? Drive Thru is a slasher movie like they used to make them in the 80s! Most people will probably find it an incredibly bad movie but despite all its flaws it does manage to bring a smile to your face (if you’re a fan of the genre of course). People looking for a fun bad slasher movie that goes along the lines of the old cult classics will not be disappointed with Drive Thru. Paradiso delivers the dvd with decent image and sound quality. Some extra might have been fun though

Our Score:

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