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Dropship: United Peace Force

George W. Bush’s war against terrorism hasn’t succeeded yet since in the year 2050 we’re still fighting against those Osama-wannabees who call themselves the World Army while you yourself fight under the wings of the United Peace Force (give the baby a name)

In total you can play 4 campaigns which each have about 5 missions where you have to proove yourself by fighting against terrorism in several modes.

The types of gameplay are very varied and can change from flying a dropship to pick up some lost soldiers through getting shot down and trying to escape with an armoured vehicle, to doing some major combat in the gunners helm of an Ibex Assault vehicle.

The variation is very good to keep the game going and to keep the action alive. The most boring part of the game are the training missions which you defenitely need to become a bit handy with the controls of your dropship because the game can’t be called easy.

The graphics are very good although sometimes repetitive like in most flightsim-like games. Still, the fact that you can see incredibly far and hardly ever will reach the end of the map are some nice details just like the ground textures that remain pretty sharp both from in the sky as on the ground.

The sound is really well-done and if you turn up the volume to maximum on your speakers, you can be sure that your parents will think World War 3 has started while it’s just your dropship that’s doing a take-off. Also the voices of your co-pilot and the CNN-like journals are pretty good so there’s hardly anything to comment on in this part

That your opponents aren’t stupid suicide-bombers is also something that can be congratulated. When you’re flying your plane, you’ve got several weapons at your disposal, most of them with auto-target, but that doesn’t mean your enemies are sitting ducks. If you aren’t close enough to your target, you can get a lock on but that doesn’t mean an automatic success and kill. The enemy will do everything he can to avoid your rockets so you better make sure you’re close enough before you shoot because otherwise he could make some final move which makes your rockets miss target and have you end up seeing his missiles flying straight at your cockpit.

All in all, Dropship is a very varied game that will defenitely appeal to people that like this genre and one would not make a bad decision in buying it. One warning though : it might be best to try getting passed the training missions before actually going out to buy the game because they can be so boring that you might loose interest before getting to the fun-part.

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