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Alex Rose (Stiller) and Nancy Kendrickx (Barrymore) are extremely happy. After having looked for a very long time, they’ve finally found a house. A duplex actually, with a nice little old lady that rents the upstairs appartment. Everything looks extremely great. Alex can continue working on his upcoming book at home in silence while Nancy goes out to work. At least, that was the idea.

At night, Mrs. Connely manages to turn up the volume of the TV so hard that sleeping is not an option and during the day, she continuously harrasses Alex so that he can’t work on his book which is due in three weeks. When Nancy looses her job, Alex decides to start working on his book somewhere else and Mrs. Connely starts her nagging towards Nancy. The situation is getting intolerable but who would believe such a nice little old lady could be such a pain in the ass ??? Alex and Nancy decide that it’s time for Mrs. Connely to go. No matter what they need to do to get her to leave…

Sound and Vision:
Well, the image and sound are pretty decent. The colors are bright, the amount of detail is good, the level of depth and black are more than sufficient and compression errors or edge enhancement are not present. What can we ask for more ?

The soundtrack contains a good portion of bass while the surround speakers are addressed subtle for some minor effects. Despite this movie being a comedy, there are quite a few effects that are nicely coming out of the speakers and make the whole movie a lot better.

Before watching the movie we get to see a couple of trailers for other products from RCV but the weirdest thing of all was that after the trailers the movie instantly started. No matter what I tried, I did not get to see any form of menu which leads me to believe there isn’t any. I guess I don’t need to say there aren’t any real extra’s either.

“Oh no, another Ben Stiller movie !” I can hear you think. Well, think again. Duplex is directed by Danny DeVito and co-starring along Stiller is Drew Barrymore and this lifts Duplex above the usual “Stiller-movie”. Duplex is in fact quite funny and although predictable, it does have its charm to see a little old lady become a menace to the perfect couple that just wanted to find a home they could call their own.

On the technical side of things, the image and sound are quite alright but the fact that a menu was forgotten (???) is quite extraordinary and definitely not something we’re used these days. I hope RCV does not do this again as even the lowest of the low budget dvd’s has some kind of basic menu

Our Score:

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