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E.R. Season 6

Season Six of E.R. has the usual medical emergencies as there are this time AIDS patients, domestic violence, car crashes and the usual social themes. Of course that’s not all the season six has even more emphasys on the personal drama of the different main characters the we know all too well but there are also a coulpe of new ones including Dr. Cleo Finch, Dr. Luka Kovic and Dr. Dave Malucci

Sound and Vision:
Although the first six seasons of ER have been broadcasted in standard 1.33:1 aspect ratio, we do get widescreen image with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 on the dvd. The image quality is better than that which we got to see on TV but there’s some minor moiré and aliasing present unfortunately. Also edge enhancement has been applied but only in the latest episodes and it doesn’t bother too much.

The series was broadcasted in stereo and although there’s a Dolby Digital 2.0 track present that can be enhanced with a Prologic decoder, we would suggest to keep to stereo as that’s more detailed.

Only a bunch of deleted scenes

With the sixth season we’re still not halfway through the series that’s been popular for already 13 years but the writers still manage to bring interesting storylines forward. Although the cast is slowly changing (removal of George Clooney) this doesn’t pose a problem as the new characters make a good appearance and keep the series refreshing. Technically this season is just fine like with the previous seasons and as extra we get a bunch of deleted scenes that will definitely make the fans happy. Some more extras wouldn’t have hurt though.

Our Score:

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