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E.R. Season 7

Season 7 starts where 6 ended: Carter was addicted on certain medications and is forced to go into rehab. A couple of months later he’s back in the E.R. but the whole season, his addiction will remain the big question: is he still addicted or not? While Weaver is having troubles with her feeling for the lesbian doctor Legaspi, Abby Lockhart is having a bad season with her mother who’s got a bipolar condition. Romano still manages to get people against him and especially when he fires Benton who afterwards does all he can to regain Romano’s favour. Meanwhile he’s got issues with his family and his relationship with Dr. Cleo Finch. Greene and Corday are planning to get married but they get a huge shock when they find out that Mark’s headaches aren’t caused by a rough hockey game.

Sound and Vision:
We get widescreen image that look very good and even better than what was on display on the television. There’s some minor grain, aliasing and moiré but nothing to really complain about.

The 2.0 Dolby Digital soundtrack is decent with good spreading and crystal clear dialogues.

– Some deleted scenes

Season seven delivers again a high ratio of storylines and action filled with personal drama at a very decent level. Just as we’ve come to expect from the series and fans won’t be disappointed at all. Warner delivers decent image and sound quality (in stereo best) but again we only get a couple of deleted scenes as extra.

Our Score:

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