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E.R. Season 8

We’ve seen already a lot of stuff that’s been going on in the E.R. of County General, Chicago, but we clearly haven’t seen it all as we’re already getting season 8 on DVD and plenty more to come.

Some of the highlights of this season: A bus of schoolkids gets in a car accident, an explosion in a chemical factory and a psychopath starting to shoot people.

On more personal matters: Dr. Greene is having issues with his cancer coming back and when his daughter comes along to visit, Dr. Corday is all but happy with it but she’s got other things to think about as she might be carrying a contagious bacteria. Malucci gets fired by Weaver. Also Chen leaves the E.R. while Susan Lewis is back in Chicago and looking for work. Benton needs to make some important decisions regarding his son Reese, Kovac wants to get married, Carter gets it off with Lewis again and Weaver goes on a date with a firewoman. That, and a lot more is what you can expect from this eight season of E.R.!

Sound and Vision:
After eight seasons, we’ve gotten used to the average quality of the image, but we do see some improvement. The amount of grain is getting less and we’re getting widescreen image. It might not be much, but we happily applaud any improvement we see.

The usual 2.0 track is again present and it does its job nicely. 5.1 would of course be better to give more atmosphere, but I guess we’re getting spoiled with all the new series that are getting released on DVD.

Some deleted scenes and bloopers. Even after 8 seasons Warner still doesn’t seem to find it necessary to add some decent extras.

This eight season of E.R. sees some changes in the cast again but the high tempo of the series makes up for that and you probably won’t feel bad about losing some of the characters for long.

E.R. remains a very high quality series that appeals to a large audience thanks to organised chaos in the hospital combined with interesting storylines for the main cast. We’ve gotten 8 seasons on DVD now and there are more to come and it doesn’t look like the series is running out of juice anytime soon. Fans won’t want to skip this season and newcomers won’t have any problem stepping in. Only too bad that Warner constantly lets everyone down on the extras part although they do improve the image quality gradually.

Our Score:

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