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E.R. Season 9

Season 9 starts where the previous one ended: an infectious disease cripples the hospital and half of the staff are locked in isolation in the ER.

Corday returns home to the UK to her father’s hospital since she misses Mark but has a hard time getting along with the English doctors. Abbe and Carter are getting closer and closer but John keeps having problems with Abby’s former alcohol problem. Kovac really starts to like going out but in the end this results in an accident with a medical student. In the end he finds that he could be more useful in Africa and decides to leave. Gregory Pratt finally starts to earn some respect amongst the staff but has some problems with his older brother while Dr. Chen becomes a real friend to him.

That and more in the ninth season of E.R. which is of course filled also with traumas and all kinds of accidents, but in the end the series starts to turn more towards personal issues of the main characters.

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor grain present but the widescreen image looks really good and even better than on TV.

The sound comes in 2.0 and does its job as it should.

A ton of deleted scenes

This ninth season continues where season 8 left off. The biggest differnce is probably that the focus is going more and more towards the personal drama of the main characters and less about what’s going on in the hospital in a general way. Not that this is bad of course, but it’s just something you notice. Fans of the series will no doubt love to get this dvd box and they won’t be disappointed except for maybe the fact that the extras only contain a bunch of deleted scenes

Our Score:

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