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Earth: Final Conflict Season 1

In the early 21st century, Earth gets visited by an alien race called Taelons. They seem to be peacefull and rid humanity of several deadly diseases, famine and war. However, not everyone trusts these aliens. When William Boone’s wife gets killed, he’s asked by the Taelons to become a go-between for Taelons and humans. For this, he’ll be given a CVI implant which will give him extraordinary powers but it also comes at a price: a CVI changes a human’s mind in such a way that his primary goal is to always serve the Taelons best. Boone is reluctant at first but when the Human Resistance contacts him and says they can alter the CVI so that he can remain with his normal way of thinking, he decides to accept the offer so that he’s perfectly placed to find out why exactly the Taelon’s have come to Earth.

Sound and Vision:
The image is reasonable but does contain a couple of compression errors as well as some minor edge enhancement. Aliasing isn’t all too prominently present and the amount of detail as well as the contrast are pretty good.

The soundtrack comes with a pretty standard 2.0 track that does a reasonable job although some dialogues tend to have some cracks in them. All in all a pretty standard transfer.


Earth: Final Conflict is created from a couple of notes Gene Roddenberry wrote on a napkin but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, this first season isn’t bad at all. Throughout the episodes it becomes clear that the Taelons have a hidden agenda and that their existence as well as that of humanity lays in each others hands. The constant tension that’s present between the goals of the resistance and that of the Taelons is perfectly portrayed and although there’s plenty of action present, it’s the conspiracies that make the series interesting. The acting is reasonably good although some of the cast could do with a couple of extra lessons but overall there’s little to complain. Earth: Final Conflict had five seasons in total and this first one is definitely something sci-fi fans will love and I for one can’t wait for the next season.

Universal delivers the first season in a very goodlooking box but hasn’t added any extras which is a pitty. Sound and image quality are average.

Last note: sci-fi “nerds” may find it interesting to know that Lisa Howard (Lili Marquette) almost constantly runs around with a leather jacket that’s just a bit too small which makes her boobs come out pretty good 😉

Our Score:

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