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Elvira's Haunted Hills

Together with her maid Zou Zou, Elvira is travelling through the Rumania to go to Paris to set up a dance revue. One day, they get a lift by psychiater Dr. Bradley Bradley who takes them to the castle of the Hellsubus family. Once arrived, they get the scare of their lives as Count Hellsubus’ first wife looks exactly like Elvira herself and things get stranger when they find out the count is rather sensitive to light and sound while his wife wanders around the hallways at night and his niece has a severe case of necrolepsia. Before long, bodies start falling out of the closets…

Sound and Vision:
The image isn’t in real widescreen but in 4:3 letterbox format and it shows in the little amount of depth the image portrays on a widescreen tv. It gets even worse: you’ll soon start thinking that you’re watching some old videotape that has bee played one time too many. Luckily, we can’t complain about compression errors or edge enhancement and the colors are bright and vivant while the level of black is good.

For a low budget movie we can’t really complain that we only get a 2.0 track and in fact the dialogues are well understandable and are nicely coming from the left and right speakers. Don’t expect anything special from the soundtrack though as there’s too little bass and the 2.0 track naturally doesn’t support any surround effects.


Elvira’s Haunted Hills isn’t a real sequel to the original movie as it plays in the 19th century while the original (Mistress of the Dark – of which also a game is made) is based in the present time. The acting and such remains quite the same but the comedy is far less and the script plain sucks. Only for those that are really into the Elvira character I would recommend this dvd as it doesn’t even offer anything extra for the casual viewer.

Our Score:

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