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Emmett's Mark

Just after detective Emmett Young hears from his doctor that he’s got a terminal disease, he meets a guy in a bar who believes he can help Emmett. Instead of getting more and more ill, and having to go to the hospital to die in agony, the man proposes Emmett to keep the honor to himself. Before Emmett starts to feel anything from his disease, a man will come and kill Emmett quickly and painless at an unspecified moment. Seeing no other way out, Emmett believes this is the good thing to do and he agrees with the proposal.

The next couple of days, Emmett starts to live again by making up with his ex-girlfriend and plummeting into his job to catch a serial killer who’s been roaming the city. However, when his doctor calls Emmett, telling him that there’s been made a mistake and that he doesn’t have a terminal disease, Emmett sees himself faced with having only a couple of days to find the man who will kill him.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is above average with good detail, no edge enhancement nor artefacts or compression errors. Still, the overall image is a bit dark and sometimes has grain. Also, the colors could have used a bit more brightness as they look a bit pale now.

The movie is less about action than dialogue and the soundtrack nicely reflects this by using the surround chanels only at scarse moments

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Emmett’s Mark has a pretty good concept to begin with and the actors make this movie stand out of the crowd. Still, much more could have been made with this concept as at the moment the two storylines hardly ever cross each other and it sometimes seems like you’re looking at two films put together. Decent but nothing more

Our Score:

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