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Empire of the Wolves

When a couple of Turkish women get killed, inspector Paul Nertaux immediately thinks of a serial killer. When his investigation doesn’t really brings anything forth, he decides to contact a former colleague called Jean-Louis Schiffer who used to work in the Turkish part of town and knows his way around. Schiffer has some pretty unethical ways of working but the two do quickly find out that it isn’t a serial killer that’s doing the killing but that everything has to do with a Turkish gang of gangsters who apparently have something to do with the strange Anna Heymes who has lost her memory and has no clue anymore who she really is.

Sound and Vision:
Both the image and sound quality are reasonable to good. There’s plenty of detail visible and also the contrast ratio is decent. Compression errors are down to a minimum and there was nothing that really bothered us.

The dialogues are clear and understandable while the surround speakers add a bit of atmosphere and some effects.

– Making Of: a pretty decent feature that gives some insight in the creation of the movie
– Trailer

Empire of the Wolves is an entertaining thriller that sadly enough doesn’t really stand out of the crowd. Jean Reno does his usual tricks but the storyline and lack of decent supporting actors make the whole fall apart a bit. Fans of Jean Reno probably don’t want to miss this one, but French cinema has produced better films despite the fact that Empire of the Wolves (aka L’empire des loups) is written by the same writer of The Crimson Rivers. A-Film delivers again a quality release with decent image and sound and a Making of to keep the crowds happy. I would definitely suggest renting before buying

Our Score:

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