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Empire Records Remix: Special Fan Edition

When Lucas gets the responsability to close the Empire Records shop (“open ’till midnight”) he finds papers in his boss Joe’s drawer that would indicate that the shop will soon be taken over by a huge music stores concern. He takes the 9.000 dollars in cash and goes to Atlantic City, trying to win enough money together to save the store and at first he even succeeds; he doubles the money with one bet. However, luck doesn’t keep lasting and the next bet makes him loose everything he has. The next day, everyone comes to work as usual but pretty fast everyone knows what has happened and while things go on as usual, it becomes quite clear that everyone working in the store has his or her own problems.

Sound and Vision:
We did spot quite some compression errors in certain scenes but for the rest everything is ok with good contrast and level of detail, nice color usage and no edge enhancement.

The soundtrack disappoints a bit as we would have thought the rear speakers to be really coming into action with the music but all in all they remain pretty quiet, making things a little less atmospheric than they could have been. Front and center speakers are well-used on the other hand and dialogues are very clear and understandable. The subwoofer hardly ever comes into action.

Little extras as we only get a couple of music videos, some deleted scenes, a cast & crew overview and the theatrical trailer

Empire Records isn’t your everyday comedy but a movie that rather unexpectedly tells the story of several youngsters that struggle with their problems during an average day at the music story they work. Really good acting and a good storyline make this movie shine

Our Score:

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