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Employee of the Month

After Zack lost his grandma’s pension with his startup .com company, he didn’t want to have too much responsibility anymore and decided to go work for Super Club as a box man. There he’s been having a pretty decent and relaxed time. That’s about to change though as a new and good-looking female cashier, Amy, starts working at the store. Her personnel file states she likes to get it off with the Employee of the Month so Zack decides it’s time to put some effort in his job so he can get the prize as well as Amy. But that’s without counting Vince Downey, the fastest cashier in the region who’s about to break the record by being Employee of the Month for 18 months in a row.

Sound and Vision:
There are no problems with the image quality. Everything looks good and we didn’t spot any compression errors or edge enhancement. Also the amount of detail and the contrast are decent and the images are pretty sharp. As seen before with Dutch Filmworks, for some reason they decided not to go with the original 1.85:1 aspect ratio but instead released this dvd with 1.78:1.

The soundtrack does its job nicely but this comedy doesn’t have many special effects that can truly use the surround system to its potential as is usual with movies like these. Dialogues are clear and understandable at all times though.

No extras are present.

Employee of the Month is a movie about losers that need to find meaning in a meaningless job. As such, there was much potential in the setup: a supermarket with a boss who’s being terrorised by his midget big brother and has gay tendencies, a crew of nobodies that help the hero, an evil cashier who stops at nothing to be the best, a main good guy who’s supposed to have more brains than the average chimp (which means he’s smarter than anyone else in the store) and a gorgeous girl for the romantic touch.

When reading the above, you start thinking this is a recipe for success, but unfortunately all this potential remains just that; potential. The jokes are hardly funny, the storyline is predictable and there’s absolutely nothing that makes Employee of the Month stand out of the crowd of one million and a bit romantic comedies. A very average movie that could have been a lot more.

Our Score:

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