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End of Days

It’s the end of the century and Satan (Byrne) comes to visit earth in search for a bride. If he succeeds in his task to mate in the last hour before the turn of the century, he will be able to free himself from his eternal prison in hell and take over earth. Meanwhile, ex-cop and private security guard Jericho Cane finds himself in the middle of the battle between good and evil as he has to protect the woman that has been chosen to be the bride of Satan.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of End of Days is great. The minor edge enhancement isn’t really disturbing and can’t spoil the fun of watching the movie. Brightness, contrast, level of details, … everything is perfect.

Same goes for the soundtrack which uses all channels to the fullest capacity, not only for effects but also for the music score.

We start off with the usual audio commentary track by the director after which we can check out a 30 minute documentary on the making of End of Days. Interviews with cast & crew are of course present aswell, much like a B-roll, trailers, teasers and even a couple of video clips. Very good !

End of Days is a magnificent movie with a terrific Gabriel Byrne who nicely portrays Satan like only one other actor could and that would have to be Al Pacino. Just to give you an impression of how great Byrne is doing. Schwarzenegger also does what is expected from him: kick some ass. Combine this with the great technical aspects of this dvd and some nice extras and you’ve got a definite winner!

Our Score:

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