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Enemy of the State

Will Smith plays Robert Clayton Dean, a successful attourney who accidentally gets a tape which contains images of the assasination of a US senator by the National Security Agency. Once Jon Voight in the role of an NSA head honcho gets to know this, the hunt for Dean is open.

Dean suddenly finds him loosing his job, his wife and overall his life becomes hell. Not understanding what is happening, he looks for help which he finds in the person of Gene Hackman as a paranoid ex-NSA agent who believes undercover agencies are following everyone to make sure no-one would oppose their power.

Sound and Vision:
Except for edge enhancements and jittering in some scenes, the overall image quality is very good. The sound is nicely transparant and the Dolby Digital 5.1 uses all channels very often which makes for nice effects.


Tony Scott made with Enemy of the State a good movie that is based around the “Big Brother” theme. The actors have been perfectly cast and the action in this movie is good enough to keep you tied to your chair. Definitely worth buying although you might want to go for the Special Edition as that one has some extra’s on the DVD.

Our Score:

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