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Tim Dingman (Stiller) and Nick Vanderpark (Black) work together but while Tim is a real career boy who constantly tries to improve his work, Nick is a dreamer who thinks about the most ridiculous idea’s that might get him rich quickly instead of concentrating about doing his job. One day, they are on their way to work and Nick suddenly gets the idea that they should find a way to get rid of dog poo. While Tim finds it a stupid idea that will lead to nothing, Nick continues in his new-found quest to get rid of dog poo. Little later, Nick asks if Tim is interested to invest in the product he’s researching but Tim doesn’t want to spill his money on something that will never succeed. However, Nick does discover a chemical that vaporises poo into thin air and when Vapoorise launches, Nick becomes a multi-millionaire within no-time.

While Nick is getting in more and more money, buys a castle across the road from Tim’s house along with everything he ever wanted, and his wife even starts thinking about going into politics, Tim becomes more and more angry on himself and jealous of Nick. Where will his envy end ?

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent without compression errors or edge enhancement. Nothing is present that could disturb your viewing pleasure.

The same can be said about the sound. The music nicely creates an atmospheric track but as usual with a comedy, the surround features are rather limited. Dialogues are clear and understandable at all times and nicely positioned at the center speaker.


Barry Levinson, Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Christopher Walken. When you get to see those names on the cover of a dvd, you would think it must be great. Think again. As with most movies featuring Ben Stiller these days, Envy has a problem. Ever since Zoolander, Ben Stiller has had a problem in every movie he starred in and it isn’t even like it’s only one problem. Some movies lack a decent storyline, other have problems with over-acting, bad casting, and so on. Actually, since “Meet the Parents”, I haven’t seen a great movie featuring him and Envy goes down the same road unfortunately. Ok, the storyline isn’t all too bad and there are a couple of jokes in the movie that bring a glimpse of a smile to my face but that isn’t enough.

The worst thing is that I really couldn’t say who is to blame for fucking up this comedy. The idea behind the story is reasonable good and has a load of possibilities for humour, but the actors are either over-acting or working on autopilot, while the script doesn’t deliver. Maybe it’s the fault of Levinson who clearly didn’t lead the cast enough and followed a script that has nothing believeable in it. Anyways, if you really want to check it out, I would definitely recommend you rent it before even considering purchase.

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