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After World War 3, the survivors have created a new world where violence and anything that could create violent behaviour is banned. To get people this far, everyone needs to take a certain drug that gets rid of all negative emotions and to get rid of people who do not support this drug, a new entity has been created where Clericks are thought the rules of Gun-Kata, a martial arts that makes it possible for them to get into a fight with lots of people and killing everyone without even getting a scratch.

The number one Clerick is John Preston (Bale) who’s wife was found having emotions and sentenced to death. When one of his colleagues gets caught no longer using his drugs, Preston goes out to find the source of the resistance. However, on his search he starts to have doubts about his job and his leaders and decides to let his drugs for what they are. Now he has to find the resistance but meanwhile has to make sure his own colleagues don’t notice he’s starting to feel again…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is almost perfect with hardly noticeable compression errors (I found 1 scene with a compression errors but that’s because I was searching really hard) but great contrast, level of detail and black, etc etc… RCV has done a great job here !

Same goes for the soundtrack that keeps pounding out of your speakers while the subwoofer nicely supports the action with low bass. Great stuff !

Except for some trailers we don’t get any extras. Really a pitty.

Equilibrium has some resemblences with The Matrix when it comes to the action but still it manages to come out very good. The storyline is dark and pessimistic and has links with The Matrix, Brazil, Gattaca and several other movies that don’t give a good light at our future. Personally, Equilibrium was for me the surprise of 2003 with great acting, lots of exciting action and a very good quality of both image and sound on dvd. A must have !

Our Score:

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